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"Since the Mental Toughness Programme the Directors have shown a staggering degree of resilience and bravery"

Launched in 2004 by our founder and managing director Judith Krichefski, JHK Consultancy provides organisations and individuals with strategy, change management, mental toughness and performance improvement solutions.

Based in London, we operate throughout the UK and internationally, serving clients across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, as well as individuals. We work with management boards, senior leadership teams, owner-managers and entrepreneurs and high-performing individuals seeking solutions to change, performance and development challenges.

Our range of coaching and development services are designed to address key management development issues:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Managing Up
  • Time Management
  • Goal setting
  • Mental toughness
  • Focus
  • Relationships between personnel
  • Communication

We are accredited to apply the following skills and techniques as part of the solutions we provide to our clients:

  • Mental toughness and MTQ48
  • Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) Accredited Coaching
  • Systematic Approach
  • Cognitative Fitness
  • Non Violent Communication
  • The Magnus Toolbox
  • Life Talent
To learn more about our complete range of services and solutions, please visit the JHK Consulting website.

Hi I’m Judith Krichefski

My passion is helping people to thrive and be happy : –  both others and myself

I have been on my own journey of discovery for many years and helping people to lead themselves and others much of that time.

I work with Leaders and managers, often women, helping them to believe in themselves and to be brave about aiming high (accessing their inner resources and strengths) and achieving what they are really capable of.  As a resilience and mental toughness specialist I also coach and train people to navigate the problems and challenges they face and develop techniques for bouncing back with energy and positivity.

I first learnt about leading teams at hotel school in Switzerland and then in the kitchens and general management of hotels in Switzerland and Europe and leading teams of consultants in the UK.

I have also worked with a great number of small business owners helping them to grow their business.

One of the achievements I am most proud of is designing and running a bilingual change management course for a well-known bakery in the UK.  The company was struggling with conflict and lack of engagement between different nationalities, different shifts, different baking specialisms, and different locations!

Success was achieved through greater self-awareness, respect and compassion for others and a lot of football! All in French and English simultaneously!

Over the last 15 years I have specialized in Resilience and Mental Toughness and have coached and trained executives in the NHS, Probation Service, Emergency Services, Law and Universities and schools as well as a great number of private sector organisations.

My clients are often surprised that I am aware of some of the challenges, problems and emotions they are experiencing even before they are. I let them know that I have been in their position in my professional career and experienced the same challenges, thoughts and feelings.

I have also had to face some traumatic situations in my personal life when illness struck 2 of my children followed by periods of intense trauma, pain and loss.  It was only then that I was fully able to experience,  understand and appreciate the power of the techniques that I had been using all this time to help so many others.  I saw this as a gift that offered me a way to bounce back with energy and I resolved then to help as many people as I could to be their best inner and outer leader.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with many female leaders and helped them to overcome unhelpful beliefs, to find their voice and in many cases to learn how to manage upwards in order to achieve influence and impact at executive level.  I look forward to working with you if this is something you feel would be of value.