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Here are some personal accounts from clients who have benefited from JHK's mental toughness programmes:

"Your seminar on mental toughness was really inspiring and has given me the determination to finish my book by the end of the year"

Job seeker

Ex Operations Director

"I am so pleased I attended your seminar. I now feel really confident and prepared for my job interview next week - I actually believe I’m going to get the job!"

Senior Exec


"Before my mental toughness sessions, I was quite anxious, felt I had to prove myself and was generally unsure of my own abilities. Now, I am much more relaxed and happy to be myself. I have more of a can do attitude, challenges have become opportunities. As a result I don’t feel so overwhelmed by the job now, I feel I can command the job, manage and mould it and and I’m even having a bit of fun as well!!"

Cynthia Allen

Director Kent Probation

"Before the Mental Toughness Programme I used to value everyone else’s time more than my own. I now realise that my own time is just as important as other people’s and I have much greater control over it.I allow time for planning and I am involving my team a lot more. I also feel much more in control of what I’m doing. I recognise that the job is huge and I can’t be in control of everything all the time. As a result of this I enjoy it a lot more. My team are also performing brilliantly. They are now positive, energetic and well- up for all the challenges with a real “Can do” approach!!"

Tracy Kadir

Director Kent Probation

"The Mental Toughness programme has really helped me to find my direction. I have always been hesitant about change but I now realise it is important for success, accept it and find myself grasping opportunities much more. I used to be defensive when offered constructive feedback. I now find it motivating and act on it. By developing my mental toughness, my confidence has risen to a point where I am seen as an expert amongst my peers, colleagues and board members. I am now listened to at a higher level and am helping to shape the direction of the trust. I never thought I would be so comfortable with my strategic identity as a Director!!!"

Robert Clark

Director Kent Probation

"Before I did the Mental Toughness Programme I would often lie awake at night thinking about things that had gone wrong and worrying about difficult decisions and conversations. Now I am so much more confident and positive!! I am much more effective as a leader, much more assertive and I have my spark and innovation back. My self-belief has increased and I know I can do it! Although I’m really busy I’m now enjoying the challenge and I’m confident enough to challenge others when appropriate. I feel more valued now so I’m not worried about putting my head above the parapet as I used to be. I am much more in control of my work and my role and although I delegate more my staff are less pressured. The result is that I’m really enthusiastic about my job now!!!!"

Maurice O’Reilly

Director Kent Probation

"I certainly gained a valuable insight with regards to my Mental Toughness and can now see where I must focus my efforts. I look forward to measuring my success in strengthening the less strong aspects with Judith over the coming months."

Neil Moore


"I wanted to improve my writing discipline. Judith sent me the mental toughness assessment to read the day before, then gave me telephone coaching. After an hour of intense listening (it was so quiet I thought she had hung up at one point!) and careful questioning, Judith had helped me identify the obstacle. With this insight, I soon had an action plan. Judith then gave me some techniques to keep me focussed in the face of setbacks. I recommend her for her realism, humour and persistence in checking that I had got what I really needed. Great job, thank you!"

Claire Hallgate-Hills

Writer and Analyst

"We've worked with Judith for many years and she is our associate and one of our top trainers. For the past few years Judith has been successful in promoting the knowledge of Mental Toughness and Leadership to various organisations. She brings a wealth of experience to share with others looking to apply MTQ48 and ILM72 tools and principles to both an organisational leadership strategy and personal coaching practices. Judith runs Licensed User Training sessions for Mental Toughness and MTQ48 in Central London and is a certified AQR trainer"